1. Consultancy Services
  2. "We provide Customized power backup solutions for all kind of requirements including AMF Panels, Synchronizing Panels. We also provide LT and HT Panels, Special Panels, Transformers, Scrubbers, and all forms of Industrial Cabling. "

  3. Hire of DG sets
  4. "We provide DG Sets on hire Basis from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA (Multiple Units) on Monthly, Half Yearly and Annual Basis."

  5. Service and Periodical Maintenance of DG sets
  6. "Atlantis offers exclusive service support through our team of qualified and experienced Engineers/Technicians. This is in addition to the support by Kirloskar Authorized Service Dealers."

  7. Do's & Dont's
  8. Do's Dont's
    Refer Maintenance Chart for initial starting Do not open door while DG set is running
    keep DG set clean Do not overload DG set
    Use "k" oil Do not allow unauthorised person to operate the DG
    Start and run the genset for 10-20 minutes at least once a week Don't Wash acoustic enclosure from inside
    Ensure and correct battery polarity